Why Your Agent Should Want To Sell Your Home For MORE

It never fails that I overhear people's conversations about real estate.  Real estate, and, assumably, realtors they've dealt with in the past or realtors someone they know have dealt with in the past.

"All they want is the quick sale." is the classic line, immediately followed (or preceeded) by "They want to underprice the house.  My house is worth way more then what they suggested."

I'm going to share my point of view, and my philosophy on why, in my case at least, and in the case of many (not all, of course) agents I know, why we want to sell your house for as much as we can... [Keep reading... Wait for it... WAIT FOR IT...]

... because the higher your sale price, the higher our commission.  So yes, the higher we sell your home for, the more we get paid.  

But wait, there's more...

The higher your sale price, the more you'll appreciate me. The more you appreciate me, the more likely you are to pass my name along to your family, your friends, and your coworkers, which really helps me grow my business organically.  Word of mouth and referrals and testimonials are the ABSOLUTE BEST way for me to build my business, sell more homes, do a good job for the people you tell about me, and repeat.

I know, it's supposed to be some altruistic answer of "I just love people so much.", and/or "So happy to help.", and don't get me wrong, I love what I do. I'm passionate about it, I work hard at it.  Moreover, I specifically work hard at it to MAXIMIZE what we can sell your home for.  

Yes, I want to be the hero: Who doesn't. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want the bigger paycheque.  There are very few people who would say they wanted a smaller one.