Agent Reviews - No Thanks they could be Negative…

Agent Reviews - No Thanks they could be Negative…


‘What do people say about you?  What do you want them to say about you?  What are you willing to do to get them to say it?”  Ken Schmidt


It’s always interesting to me to have conversations with Agent’s about their systems and especially around the idea of Client Reviews.  There seems to be two camps;

1) those that embrace reviews as a way to improve and ensure client satisfaction,


2) those who are happier to not ask and risk hearing something negative. 


Our brokerage has taken the stance that reviews are essential and a major part of our business practice, and we are thrilled to be the first adopters to provide our Agent’s the ability to have these reviews on their websites allowing consumers to actively rate them.  Now let me explain why we did this and how it could benefit your business.


First, Real Estate is about relationships.  This fact is known by those who are successful in the industry and can be a hard lesson for those who think it’s about sales.  With relationships being so important why wouldn’t an Agent implement a system whereby they can gage Client satisfaction?  The answer is easy, those who don’t grasp the concepts of relationships first wont’ be confident enough in their relationships and thus their performance throughout a transaction to ask the tough questions.  We value the feedback, the good and the bad.  For us it is an indicator not only of an Agent’s current standard of practice but also an opportunity to assist an Agent in professional development.  If as an Agent you deliver on what you promised, there should be no surprises on any review at any time.  I could talk about this forever, but let me say if you haven't thought about the importance of focusing on the clients needs and the relationship you might want to consider reading UnMarketing or UnSelling by Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer.


Second, while we believe in building a business that is predominately by referral we also know that even with personal recommendations consumers are often looking online before they make a decision about who do work with (did you know 68% of sellers asked friends and family for a recommendation before choosing an Agent?).  With over 5500 Agents in Calgary there is a good chance most people when referred to a specific Agent have had a couple of recommendations for perhaps different Agents.  In these cases as in the cases of most consumers who don’t get a personal recommendation they start the decision making online, and often with Google.  ’70% of Agent ‘Search’ is Organic.  Which means it is an act of validation’ Paul - RealSatisfied.


In Canada Agent rating has not been widely adopted like in the United States.  Century 21 Summit Realty has bee providing consumers an opportunity to return satisfaction surveys after all transactions since 2013 and now Century 21 Canada has also embraced this value.  Starting in 2017 all Century 21 Canada Agents will have the opportunity to subscribe to RealSatisfied to allow consumers to rate their experience and provide testimonials which will then create a star rating for the Agent.  I know for many Agents this is terrifying but as early adopters of the practice and now the technology we couldn’t be more thrilled.  These consumers who are seeking additional information about an Agent who has been referred to them, or perhaps about an Agent they have seen an advertisement for they will have the opportunity to read testimonials from REAL consumers that has been handled by a third party and verified!  This is very different than Facebook recommendations (which we all know are typically written by friends and family) these are real consumers who have completed a transaction with this Agent.  Statistics prove that consumers are seeking this information.


‘A Happy Customer will bring More Business than any well designed marketing strategy’ - Sumneet Khanna, The Customer is King


Third, how can we help you with leveraging technology designed to help you gage your clients satisfaction?  As early adopters our Agents websites are now enabled to provide consumers with a quick look at the Agent’s current ‘star rating’ pulled directly from the consumer reviews collected by RealSatisfied over the past 3 years.  To quote Paul from Real Satisfied:


A rating should NOT be the Goal - you are not a pizza parlour 

Customer Satisfaction - should be your #1 Goal


With that in mind we have created ways to further leverage your online presence so that Consumers have the chance to really know you and those who don’t know you but are seeking information about you before they make a decision will now have all that information readily available! 


Want to chat more about how this, I’d love the chance to show you how our technology can benefit your business!  Give me a call and set up your appointment 587-390-0596