When was the last time you explored Calgary Parks?


With the warm weather outside these days, one can not help but hold out hope spring is almost here.  It brings back great memories from when I had my dog and we would take these days to explore parks around the city.  Both of us would be suffering cabin fever by March, as neither were willing to be an adventurous  in the winter we would stick to Nose Hill Park close to home.   On Saturday and Sunday mornings I would grab my coffee, and my trusted companion would hop into the passenger seat eagerly shaking  with excitement at the prospect he may be finding the biggest puddle yet to roll in.  I always made sure that the trunk had lots of towels and old blankets as the car ride home usually included a very muddy but very content puppy.  I realized today on my drive past a old favourite, that since my 4 legged buddy left, I haven’t often taken in the fantastic parks that I pass everyday.

Perhaps you have a favourite park in your neighbourhood, or a close off leash area you take your 4-legged family members to run off energy.  But perhaps you are unaware of how diverse and massive The City of Calgary park systems really are.  Here is a link to the City of Calgary Interactive Parks Map.  I can’t help but grin when I think of my favourites like NoseHill Park, Bowness Park or Glenmore Park, but there were other smaller parksthat I

 didn’t even know had names until I checked the City of Calgary website.

There are parks catering to those who want to hike, parks for kids with massive play areas, parks for the 4 legged members to run free and romp in the water, and parks for family and friends to gather for picnics and marshmallow roasts.  

Besides venturing out on your own to discover the parks in the city, I was impressed to also find that the City of Calgary offers various programs within the Parks.  They keep the schedule up to date, so you can see what is coming up by clicking this link HERE.

So as the warm weekend approaches, I will be grabbing my favourite mug of java and heading out to check out another gem in the Calgary Park System.  Perhaps I’ll see you there!