Campfire Banana Boats - Remember These?

This dessert is something I remember when I was a kid sitting around the campfire after a great meal at the lake.

Peel 4 large bananas.  Make a lengthwise slit along inside curve of each banana (but don't cut all the way through), then gently open to form a long hollow.  Place each banana on a large piece of foil.  Divide 1/2 cup of mini-marshmallows, and 3 tbsp each chocolate chips and chopped pecans into 4 portions.  Stuff each banana with a portion.  It's ok if some spills out.  Seal foil around bananas.  Preheat barbecue to medium (or place on the grate above the campfire) and place foil packets on grill for 8 minutes.  Carefully open foil packets, the chocolate should be just starting to melt.

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