I am looking out my office window at the cold, blizzard condtions when I come across an article written by Toby Welch in the latest Real Estate Magazine.  The word Cuba conjures up images of warm sand and ocean waves. Whether you are in the real estate industry or not, this article gives a bit of insight into doing business in Cuba and proves to be an interesting read...

 Cuba’s New Real Estate Environment

The recession that hit almost every corner of the globe in late 2008 impacted countries in different ways.  Some countries responded by fiercely slashing interest rates while others tightened mortgage regulations to a staggering degree. Cuba wasn’t exempt from the recession’s reach, and for the first time in more than 50 years, Realtors and brokers can function there without the threat of being arrested. Well, sort of…http://www.remonline.com/cubas-new-real-estate-environment/

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