Skinny Bridge in Lac du Bonnet

If you have a cottage on the East side of the Winnipeg River or if you are a local resident living on this side, then you a probably wondering what's is happening with single lane closure that occur in late August.

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation reports a detailed inspection of the Winnipeg River bridge on PR 313 north of Lac du Bonnet has identified structural issues requiring a partial closure of the bridge for safety reasons. 

The inspection revealed corrosion on the steel girders along the north side of bridge that requires immediate action.  The province will be working on an evaluation and repair strategy with an engineering firm.

All traffic will use the south side or eastbound lane of the bridge and will be controlled with temporary traffic signals.  It is anticipated the signals will be in place for a number of months due to the magnitude of the remedial work that is expected to be required.  Traffic signals have been modified to improve traffic flow at peak periods.  There is an allowance for over-width farm equipment to use the bridge.

The PR 211 bridge at Pinawa could be used as an alternate route, although it is currently under repair with one lane closed.  The Pinawa bridge is expected to be fully reopened by the end of Septembered.  

According to or local MLA Wayne Ewasko the bridge will be repaired and not replaced.  And Manitoba Infrastructure indicates that there will be no interruption in the service of the bridge during repairs, although one is inclined to wonder how they can achieve this. 

I cross this bridge several times each day servicing my clients and will update my blog as we start to see some action.



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