Tips for Selling your Home

Selling Your Home? Here is a tip that might help you out!

Keep your house clean and de-clutter. You are preparing to move, why not put some things away in boxes and out of the way a little early. Try to have all countertops, tables, desks, etc, clear. This means removing books, magazines, tissue boxes, picture frames, figurines or anything else that is just taking up space. With less clutter, your home will appear larger and more functional. If your shelves and tables are full, it gives the feeling that the home is not large enough to handle daily life. This goes the same for your bedroom closets, take out and box up what you are not going to use for some time. Ask a friend if you could store the extra boxes in their basement until your home sells, this will keep your storage rooms clear as well. When showing your home, less is more.

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