Tyndall Eagles Food Bank Drive – October 18th, 2014

The Tyndall Eagles is holding their 6th annual food drive. Volunteers will be out in the communities of Tyndall, Henryville and Garson. They will be going door to door to look for non-perishable food items. Or if you’re not going to be home, simply leave a package on the front step marked ‘food bank’ and they will be more than happy to pick it up.

Last year, The Tyndall Eagles were able to collect 1,800 pounds of food, let’s help them beat that this year. Even if you only have one or two items to put out, it’s significant to someone in need.


The Tyndall Eagles are going above and beyond with another food drive. This one is the annual Tin for the Bin night at the Tyndall Motor Hotel on November 22, 2014. Be sure to check out all the live band and silent auction, the entry fee is a donation of food.

A big thank you to Tyndall Eagles Aerie for helping out the community, we greatly appreciate it!

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