Preparing your home for sale - 2016 - sunil angrish

Are you thinking about selling your house this summer. lets start a conversation and do the following as we move forward. the basic idea is to put our-self in buyer's shoe and feel like how someone is thinking to have a house appealing and ready to pay top dollars.

 1: Change light bulbs and update light fixtures to increase the brightness as showings can be sometime later in the evening or weather can play a role to spoil the best first impression. light bulbs should compliment the wall colours.

2:Paint/ touch-up the house and fix small repairs to reflect the good care of home including the back doors/garage door.

3: Clean the exterior of home including windows

4: Get some boxes and duct tape and boxed unwanted stuff

5: Tackle the bathrooms and keep it clean and scented with mild fragence . remove the old towels and change the shower curtains if required.

6: Spruce up the kitchen as it is the heart of the home for a couple. arrange in a way it should look big and relative to pantery space.

7: Decorate  the bedrooms and arrange in the way that master and other bedrooms looks bigger and potential buyer can fit their requirements and feel like the best fit. Arrange the closet to look spacious. typically kids bedrooms appear smaller therefore take the extra stuff out to ensure minimum double bed with other necessary furniture fit easily.

8: Make your dining room look like a place someone might actually want to eat in and shall be welcoming. Invest in a new table cloth to hide an old table.

9: De-clutter, organize and clean the basement. ensure it does not smell moisture, open the windows to fill with fresh air and may use mild room freshener.

10: Check the front an backyard to be clean, grass well trimmed and no litter in these areas.

11: Hire a Realtor. feel free to call me for free consultation and don't hesitate if you have any questions or concerns.

Sunil Angrish

Sunil Angrish

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