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St. François Xavier

The rural economic situation in St. Francois Xavier focuses around agriculture, with farmers operating a variety of different grain, seed and livestock operations.

 The village and surrounding area has a wide range of services such as a grocery store, liquor outlet, deli, bakery, a Credit Union, veterinary clinic, hardware, cabinetmakers, tree nurseries and a chiropractic & massage therapy clinic. Local contractors provide services in the areas of construction, electrical, plumbing, heating, refrigeration, mechanical repairs, roofing, landscaping and yard maintenance. Home based businesses offer trophies & engraving, crafts & hobbies, financial and estate planning, clerical services, carpet cleaning & janitorial and hairdressing.

 Industries include auto parts recycling at Direct Auto Parts, pellet fuel manufacturing at Elf Industries and Westward Industries, manufacturers of GO-4 vehicles.

Just minutes from the capital city, Winnipeg, on the Trans-Canada Highway, St. Francois Xavier is a beautiful prairie landscape, welcoming all who pass through.

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