Want to remove strong odours from a particular room at home? Use these tips to get rid of even the funkiest smells and breathe easy:

Some odors can be eliminated with a little natural soap and fresh air, while others require a full-scale assault. If your home is plagued by all-too-powerful smells, here's the arsenal you'll want at your disposal...



  • For extremely musty dressers and drawers, Martha Stewart recommends a thorough wipe-down with white vinegar.
  • For a musty room, she prescribes putting fresh eucalyptus branches in a vase — pretty and odor-fighting!
  • If your linens or other laundry — or the washer itself — smells damp and musty, Ask A Clean Person would like you to throw a cup of vinegar in the washing machine.
  • To improve the smell of a damp basement, RealSimple prescribes activated charcoal and a dehumidifier.
  • If your mattress is musty, SF Gate says a thorough sunbathing can help — good advice for all of us right about now.

To be continued!

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