Decorating your Powder Room

We all take pride in the chic-ness of our powder rooms( well those who have them). They are trendy, modern, bold etc. As homeowners and designers a lot of effort goes into decorating this 5' by 5' of space. I am challenged in the decoration department. (We all have our pros and cons). Therefore I read all the home decorating books whenever I need an inspiration. So here are 4 tips I picked up to make your powder room fabulous.

1. Lighting: All the ladies know how certain lighting make us look like Audrey Hepburn while other's showcases us as a character from Tim Burton's movies. Therefore, use lights with dimmer switch. Install designer/decorative light fixtures on either side of the vanity mirror.

2. Bold statement: Sometimes an In-your-face (aka BOLD) wallpaper or color sets the tone of your powder room in a way you could have not fathomed. Most of the time we can't use these colors or wallpaper in any other part of the house but in a powder room it just makes a BOLD STATEMENT.

3. Accessorize: Candles, potpourri, flowers, Pictures ( not family photos of course, but you knew that), other decorative items makes your powder room look pretty .

4. Size Matters: Use compact essentials. e.g. standalone vanity, compact toilet etc. It adds space and character to your room. Also it gives a clean esthetic to the room.

EYE CATCHING: A clean and simple esthetic paired with a fun and quirky motif makes for a powder room that pops. (BC Homes Magazine).

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