Need Inspiration for 50 Random Acts of Kindness?

I received this wonderful email from Toni Newman and I felt compelled to share this with you. Why not do one random act of kindness everyday. How hard can holding a door for stranger could be?  But like me if you would like to add these to your to-do-list for 2013 feel free.

50 Possible Random Acts of Kindess. Are you in?

1.Take coffee and doughnuts to a work crew - especially if they're out there in the boiling sun or on a cold snowy day.

2.Shovel someone's sidewalk or rake someone's leaves. You could even mow your neighbor's lawn!

3.Donate old books to a local women's shelter or local library.

4.Comfort someone in need - even if you don't know the person. Let them know that someone cares.

5.Give a gift certificate for craft supplies to a local school or daycare.

6.Anonymously pay off someone's lay away charges at a local store (inspired by Barbara Glantz

7.Pay for a senior's medication for a month.

8.Give a tip to a hard working cashier (inspired by

9.Buy gas/coupon for the person behind you in line (Inspired by

10. Give away a coupon for something that someone has in their shopping cart or for money off a fast food order that someone ahead of you in line has just placed. (inspired by

11. Visit a local nursing home and read to the residents. If you play a musical instrument or sing - even better!

12. Hold the door open for someone. I know that this may seem strange to put on this list but I am constantly amazed by how many doors get left to slam in people's faces.

13. Look a homeless person in the eye and have a conversation.

14. Let someone go in front of you in line.

15. Deliver baked goods to a local fire station.

16. Donate pet food to your local human society or animal shelter.

17. Slip a tip to the crossing guard at your neighborhood school.

18. Leave a note card with a lovely message on a stranger's windshield.

19. Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life. (inspired by

20. Leave a number of envelopes containing an "In Memory" message and $5 at your local Laundromat. (inspired by

21. Feed someone else's parking meter.

22. Give a great waiter or waitress a 100% tip

23.Give a gift card to a complete stranger.

24. Make a donation to a charity in someone else's name.

25. Compliment someone!

26. Recommend a competitor to a potential client. (inspired by

27. Write a note to the manager of someone who has given you great service or treated you well letting them know how exceptional that employee really is. (inspired by

28. Put something you no longer need on Craig's list for free. (inspired by

29. Speak out against hate and injustice. Stand up for someone who is being mistreated.

30. If you own a store, why not take a few of your products and simply give them away to those in need?

31. Donate money to the Red Cross. $15 helps provide a family with 3 blankets after a house fire. (

32. Drive someone home when you see them standing in the cold or the rain waiting for the bus.

33. Pay for someone else's meal at a restaurant. (inspired by

34. Reach out to your local electric company and arrange to pay off a bill or two for someone in danger of having their power turned off. (inspired by

35. Pay the toll for the person behind you. (inspired by

36. Give a homeless family money for food, shelter for a night or even Christmas gifts. (inspired by @WHAS11Kelsey)

37. Give your subway pass to a stranger (inspired by Ryan at

38. Donate Christmas ornaments to a local shelter.

39. Give the shirt off your back or the shoes off your feet to someone in need. (inspired by

40. Treat a stranger to a movie. (inspired by

41. Leave a copy of an interesting book on a train or bus with a note saying "Feel free to take this book. I only ask that after you read it, you pass it on." (inspired by

42. Send a Christmas care package to a soldier or sailor. (inspired by Ryan at

43. Give a care package to a homeless person. (inspired by

44. Take flowers to a hospital ward and ask that they be given to someone who hasn't had any visitors. (inspired by

45. Donate one hour of your time. Whatever you know how to do, give it away to someone who needs it! Or maybe donate your time at a food bank or soup kitchen.

46. Write anonymous notes or letters of hope and kindness and leave them for strangers to find. ((inspired by

47. Hold an abundance swap. I mean, do we really need all of this stuff? Find out how at

48. Invite someone to dinner who is alone or on their own.

49. Help someone carry their groceries or other heavy load to their car.

50. Become part of the Pay It Forward initiative sponsored by the Promotional Product Professionals of Canada Association (PPCA). It's simple. You wear a Pay It Forward bracelet as a reminder to you to perform a random act of kindness. When someone says "Thank You", you hand over your bracelet and ask them to Pay it Forward and pass it on. You can get a bracelet through our great friends at Silverstar swag by sending them an email at with the subject line, please send me a bracelet. Make sure to include your mailing address in the email! (inspired by

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