Selling your Home, Avoid these Three Biggest Mistakes

Selling one’s home is a big decision and involves a lot of thinking and pondering over seemingly non-issues. The reasons for moving may vary from family relations and issues, job relocations, schools or colleges, marriages, Home equity value, or simply the home or the neighbourhood becoming too old. Now the reason for selling your home can have a deep impact on such matters as the selling price, how soon you are able to sell, and how much effort you have to make for the sale.

The most common mistakes that people make while selling their home are OVERPRICING, NOT PROPER MARKETING, HOME RENOVATIONS. When deciding the listing price most people tend to go with what’s selling for how much on their street. There may not be wrong with this approach but you have to keep in mind that those homes were a true comparable to your home. Also remember it’s the listing price which first attracts the buyers and brings them to look at your home.

As for Home Renovations It is not purely a financial decision of getting back what you put into it but also what the future buyer would like to have and also would be ready to pay for it. As we know different people may have different tastes in such matters as the flooring type or colors, paint colors, kitchen styles and vanities. So keep in mind that every improvement should be good in terms of looks and functionality but also shouldn’t feel overly done and out of place.

Last but not the least a Home for Sale should be properly marketed to let the prospective buyers know of its availability. Mostly overlooked and under estimated what the proper marketing is and can do to sell your home in reasonable time, people tend to think that a simple sign in the front lawn, posting on e-commerce websites and a few half-hearted open houses are sufficient. Try to hit all the marketing channels like newspaper, internet portals( remember the more the better), local flyers, door knockings, cold calling and target calling in the surrounding neighbourhood as well outside of it. Find a way to contact your target buyers who are looking and also capable of buying (financially) your home. A professionals role in making sure that your home sells for top dollar and not only it sells but actually closes also cannot be over emphasized but is clear from the market stats which say that only 2% of all homes for sale by their owner actually sell that way. The remaining 98% are sold by a Professional Realtor.

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By Asharpal Singh

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