Simple Tips to Sell Your House

Thinking that you are ready to sell your home? Are you sure? Before you throw open your doors and host an open house, there may be a few things that you should take care of inside and outside your home. Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of every showing and impress buyers so you will hopefully get the most bang for their buck.

Let It Go

When potential buyers tour your home, they want to envision themselves living there on a daily basis. They will have difficulty imagining living in the house if the fridge is covered with grocery lists and family photos...of your family. Pack away your beloved finger paintings and allow the buyers to imagine hanging their own artwork on the walls.

Spic and Span

Start with the kitchen and bathrooms, minimize surface clutter and messy spots. Clear off countertops and put away any small appliances and personal items that don't need to be visible. Give every surface a good scrub and use minimal props to decorate, a bowl of fruit or small bouquet of flowers will be a perfect subtle way to decorate and let your home be the star.

Clear The Dance Floor

You may really enjoy the whimsy of multiple coffee tables, bean bag chairs and large potted plants all over your livingroom, however, it's important too remove any unnecessary furniture that may be perceived as an obstacle to free movement in the living spaces. This is the time to open up the rooms by positioning the furniture to highlight the open spaces in each room.


No matter how clean your home is, there may be lingering pet odour or food smells. It's important to ensure that your home feels and smells welcoming. Try lightly scented candles or subtle potpourri to neutralize unpleasant scents, just don't overpower your guests, you don't want to give the impression that you are trying to cover up anything. Make sure that all lightbulbs are working and give sufficient light to each room, brightly lit rooms will feel bigger and more appealing to prospective buyers.

Fix It Up

Buyers will be looking looking at every nook and cranny of your home and they will want to be reassured that it has been taken care of and well maintained. If there are obvious repairs needed, it could affect the price buyers are willing to pay. Although repairs may be small and seem insignificant, it will be worth your time and money if it helps buyers feel more confident in the purchase of your home. Common areas that may need small repairs; wall cracks and holes, loose floor tiles, leaky plumbing fixtures, peeling paint, missing light switch covers and baseboards.

Show Off Your Storage

This is a perfect time to purge your closets and crawl space and rid yourself of anything that you don't use anymore. Selling your home means you will move into a new home, clear out storage now so you don't drag old boxes with you! Pack up old clothes and toys, donate them to your local charity and make sure that buyers can see just how much storage there is available in your home.

Fresh Eyes

Sometimes we have trouble seeing clearly when we are so emotionally attached to our home. It can help to enlist the help of a trusted friend to take a walk through your home and help you see any overly personal decor, knick knacks or clutter that might need to be subdued. If you would like someone from The Hisey-McDermott team to come and help you out, just give us a call. Sometimes, it helps to have a fresh set of eyes on the situation.

Outdoor Appeal

Many people will drive by your home and check it out before they will visit an open house or call for a personal viewing. Curb appeal is of the utmost importance in the quest to sell your home. First impressions can be everything. Double check that your lawn and driveway are in good repair, clear away yard waste and winter debris, store all outdoor toys and garbage receptacles to give a unimpeded view of the outdoor space. As the weather warms up, clean out the gardens and flower beds and consider planting a few bright colourful annuals. Nothing says “you will love to live here” like a beautiful yard and garden that has already been weeded! Buyers may drive by your home in the evening so don't forget to ensure that the outdoor lighting is showing your home in the best possible light.

Overall, make sure that your home is clean and uncluttered, minimally decorated, well maintained and that you have taken steps to highlight the home's best features and inspire potential buyers to really imagine themselves living in your home. Take pride in the house you have lived in and loved for so long, your passion will be contagious and buyers will be lining up to make you an offer.

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