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Buying a home is the biggest decision; but often home buyers tend to overlook the many loopholes. The reasons for overlooking key facts could be simply the added stress; but sometimes making a little effort to know more about the home you are buying can tell you a lot of vital information which can help you save some money.

Although every prospective home buyer asks a few question but some of the most important ones that get over looked or sometimes forgotten are discussed below:

  1. Where is the sellers disclosure? It is crucial to enquire about the sellers disclosure as this document lists all the flaws about the house.

  1. What’s the home’s zoning guidelines? Once you have moved into your dream home, you often want to personalise your home with a few structural changes to compliment your lifestyle, so make sure you ask about the home’s zoning guidelines.

  1. What home inspections are available? Inspections narrate all the hidden flaws; so stress on getting as many inspections as possible even if it means spending some extra money for the buyers. This will save you money in the long run and avoid regret if you changed your mind about the most beautiful home for its hidden nooks.

  1. Why is the house on sale?  This will give you meaningful insights and make the offer writing process easy.

  1. Has this property been tested for radon? Making sure the property is tested for radons will ensure you and loved ones live in a safe and clean home. If you discover infestation after moving it can be painful and there is nothing much you can do than regret about overlooking such an important issue.

  1. Are smoke detectors installed properly and where are they located?   Fire hazards can be avoided by as simple as simple ensuring smoke detectors are installed in an ideal place.   

  1. Has this home had a mold inspection?   Mold inspection gives you key insights about the untold side of the house, many home owners have them done, so make sure you have the knowledge about when was the last inspection done.

  1. What is the neighbourhood’s crime rate?  Probably you must have researched this key fact online when you decided to look for houses into the locality, but sometimes seeking local opinion gives you a better impression of safety for your family.

  1. What is the neighbourhood’s noise level?   It’s important to know the noise levels in your neighbourhood, as it can be painful to find out you live next to a midnight drummer.

  1. Are there many kids or dogs in the neighbourhood?This information can have pros and cons depending on your home buying priorities in the locality.

So when you plan to make the final commitments to buy a home make sure you have asked all the above mentioned questions and have a clear understanding of the things you have in store for yourself one’s finalising on buying a home. Don’t forget to share your experiences and leave a comment on our take when buying a home.

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