5 Marketing Tips for Rookie’s

Being a newbie can be painful but it can be fun from day if you have the necessary research and get ready to plunge and take control. Being a rookie in real estate is nothing different than any other career one common thing which never changes is being ready to learn which will help to make money.  

Starting as a Rookie in real estate can be tough. One of the most difficult dilemmas which all rookie’s face in their careers is finding clients? And without clients there is no source for money, so it is crucial for rookie’s more than anyone to market themselves well. Before you begin to market yourself it is very important to plan a budget. With the tech savvy trend taking over real estate marketing there are several ways which require not a lot of investment which are recommended for every rookie are:

  1. Website :  Every real estate professional should have a website this acts as your digital identity and compliments your credibility in several ways, as before consulting all clients search their relator online to know more about them so in such situations having a website gives you an upper hand than others. Once you have a website with the help of the IDX  tool you can sync all your MLS. Within the website do not forget to add some rich real estate related content daily or weekly depending on your schedule. Also be sure to add the personal touch to your website with a blog. With the above mentioned essentials within inside your website you will not only be more credible for the clients but will have a rock solid online presence.

  2. Branding: It is very important for a rookie to brand themselves as no one wants to seek advice from a newbie. So make use of social media Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and all the other social spheres you interact on. Be sure to say your message loud and clear and be professional at all times, also don’t forget to mention your website address and contact information to reach you. Make sure to print fancy business cards to giveaway as well as print flyers and other marketing material that you can hand out at least for the first few sales and at open houses as people often live the take away swag and may use it to recommend to a friend, family member or acquaintances.

  3. Lead Generation: Focus on a small area to begin and then you can take the big plunge. Starting with small areas will help you to gain knowledge and then you will become an expert in no time. To begin targeting start with your neighbourhood first, understand the demographics and since you are familiar with the neighbours breaking the ice will be easy and convenient. Make a judgement call with regards to the price range as this will determine your final take home commision, start by analysing the average sales price and then negotiation is the key. Do not plunge into commercial properties, condos, luxury homes or land these ventures need experience so however tempting they may seem be sure to refrain from the temptation. Making one mistake can question your credibility for the future so think twice once you have a dense database of clients take as many risks as possible.

  4. Organise: Paperwork is crucial in real estate one missing document may be thousands of dollars in fine or even a legal issue. So as much as you may hate the filling procedure you have to get habituated to turn the old school habits back on. Also make digital copies of all the documents as a plan b as sometimes files make get lost so you may need a copy handy. If you have some money to investing in CRM is the best way to stay updated and organised, also  most real estate companies you join will give you access to a CRM  which can be the best alternative.

  5. Testimonials: They are your best friend to bag a ton of clients so don’t forget or overlook to get your clients fill out a testimonials.  Probably a lot will not like to fill it in but the ones that do will get your foot in the door, so just don’t give up. Although doing the pen and paper testimonial is the best way but you can also send in one through email as many clients like to fill forms online and if needed hand in a free coffee voucher appreciating their time, this little trick never fails.

Hope all the above advice helps you transition quickly from a newbie into a pro real estate professional don’t forget to share your views, comments that make you a successful professional.  


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