Looking To Sell Quickly? Take Great Photos

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A compelling picture is worth a thousand words which we often tend to overlook the fact. With the changing traditional advertising approach and the opportunities online marketing and websites have in store a compelling picture can not only help provide more exposure to a property but also assure a quick sale. Taking help of professionals is the best approach but it is also easy if you decide  to do it yourself.Taking pictures yourself can be easy. If you do decide to take the pictures yourself be sure to follow the following tips to capture perfection:

Camera: Using a good camera is crucial to capturing a compelling picture. So if you are thinking of capturing perfection it is always better to invest in a Canon D50 or a similar SLR camera which is easy to use and portrays the best image of the property. Make sure each time you have a charged battery as this is the worst blunder to make.


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Lighting: Every picture is all about framing a specific area with appropriate lighting. It can be a little bit challenging to take pictures if it is a gloomy day especially the longshot of the property. When planning to take that perfect exterior picture focussed to highlighting the exteriors of the property the driveway, patio, garage etc. choose a sunny day to avoid wasting energy. Always avoid taking pictures in winter as no one likes the winter wonderland impression of a property.

Uniqueness: Every house has that one unique element attached to it that may strike the right chords. When you are taking pictures try to focus on that one element.The best suggestion for making a good impression of the house to a prospective buyer is buying taking clear long shots from various angles and repeating the same process of all the rooms, kitchen, washroom. This helps the the prospective buyer to overview the property.   

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Declutter: No one like a cramped up house. Before you begin to take the pictures stage the area as much as possible. Also make room and tidy up the house as if you were moving in the house yourself. If the house is small rearrange all the unecessary furniture to display a spacious look and feel. If necessary get the house professionally cleaned and make sure you don’t stock everything in the garage.   

Editing:  There is no away you can ignore this step. Getting a perfect picture is impossible, but touching up a picture to attain perfection can be done by editing. Some of the basic steps of editing are achieved by adjusting the brightness.

The simple techniques mentioned above are aimed to help you take pictures that will you attract prospective buyers. Don’t forget to share your comments and daily updated new listings of houses for sale, townhouses for sale, condos for sale and lease click here.

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