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Brampton was named in honour of the first developer’s English hometown in 1834, which was the same year that York became Toronto. However, immigration has always played a big role in the evolution of the city of Brampton.

Ironically, the original Brampton was only a hop, skip and jump from Hadrian’s Wall that was built by the Romans to keep newcomers out. Well, that didn’t stop immigrants from arriving to settle. To attract original settler’s, John Elliot acquired a large tract of land and he began to subdivide it into 200-acre farms that were literally given away with no ‘strings attached’.

“You had to clear five acres of that property,” says Steve Collie, an executive member of the Brampton Historical Society. “Your neighbours would sign an affidavit saying that you did that, and you had to do it in 15 months, and the property was yours.”

Known also as Flower City, by the early 20th century, one quarter of all local residents in Brampton were growing flowers under glass for the Dale Estate, which was Brampton’s first major industry.

With a population of 595,000, Brampton is one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing cities! The young, diverse, multicultural array of residents residing in Brampton represent over 200 distinct ethnic backgrounds accompanied by an extensive mix of fabulous restaurants, unique festivals, upscale shops and unlimited recreational opportunities.

As immigrants continue to ‘cast an ever-wider net’, the population grows in Brampton. First, the Irish joined the original English and Scots, followed by newcomers from far beyond the British Isles to grow flowers. Hence, the name Flower City.

According to the The Globe and Mail, Brampton demonstrates the new vision of Canada, which comprises bilingual communities throughout. With many opportunities for employment, plentiful real estate and varied culture, Brampton is the place to be if you love city living, cultural diversity and business opportunities.

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