3 Steps to Generate Credible Leads Online


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Real estate sector is getting introduced to digital marketing slowly and steadily as more and more buyers and sellers are choosing websites and other digital tools. Also the new approach is better in every way than the traditional approach and very clear and easy to understand with no loopholes.

With the advent of technology digital marketing practices have indicated three approaches that never go wrong if properly implemented and followed up read on to know more if you wish to start implementing digital marketing in your business plan immediately:


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Introduction: Try and be as unique as possible although digital marketing is an emerging trend, yet it is dominantly taking over real estate as it has assured success if followed up promptly. Traditional elevator pitch conversations are getting old the new tool of the hour is video and BombBomb is the tool which combines videos to be sent out and always gives you all the analytics for future campaigns.  Be sure your video is brief, professional educating the enquiry pertaining to a specific lead

Landing Page: Having a website is no big deal today, but if you create a target specific landing page reaching out will be easy and make sure you embed it within your website. Also keep it as simple as possible and give as much information as possible about homes, condos with your contact information


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Facebook Ad: Businesses are taking Facebook seriously so make sure you do not ignore advertising here. Once you decide to advertise along with a defined audience pay careful attention to geo-targeting as this will define your reach. Also select a specific audience, city or country you have in mind and link the ad to the landing page so once the user clicks on the ad they land on the custom landing page and receive all the information they need.

These tips are tried and tested success avenues to generate credible leads. Do share your comments and experiences and don’t forget to view our new listings on Century 21 President Realty

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