Father's Day Activities

     Dads often get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts. Ties, ugly sweaters, soap on a rope, you name it. Here are two secrets about Father’s Day presents: first, nobody has ever actually wanted soap on a rope and second, what your father really wants on Sunday, June 15 is the gift of your time. So forget getting him the latest biography by a retired athlete, and make some plans for activities instead.

     According to Huffpost Living Canada, they have a lot of great ideas on how to spend Father’s Day with your dad. Here are a few that won’t break the bank and as a bonus, you don’t have to remember if you got him a blue tie or red tie last year.

  1. Golf day. Hit the local driving range or play a full 18 holes with Dad. For those of you who are up to it, you can relive your childhood and hit a local mini-golf course for a fun afternoon.
  2. Take him to a baseball game.
  3. Have a “meaty” brunch. It’s a spin on the Mother’s day brunch.
  4. Go hiking.
  5. Take him to a brewery.

     Whatever you decide to do, the time spent together as a family is what will always be remembered and how long lasting memories are made. Happy Father’s Day!!

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