How to Avoid Bad Referrals?


Bad advice and bad referrals are never fading experiences especially if you want to be a successful  real estate agent or broker selling or buying commerical, residential or luxury properties but there are simple ways to avoid them all you need is the right approach and practice. We often oversee the bad referrals, but all exceptional realtors take referrals seriously. Often referrals are the  first steps, if you are looking to seek lucrative benefits.

Why pay close attention to bad referrals? Often you can trace a trend from bad referrals as generally people who are endorsing, referring on putting your name shoulder your reputation.

Who are the people who refer you? They can be your present or past clients, employees, co-workers, satisfied customers, peers. Once you have identified whom to seek referrals from the next step is follow up, don’t be shy to ask. Sometimes judgement can help you, but for the not so fortunate other situations stay calm and follow up.

Following up for a referral can a time consuming process but patience and building a rapport with all your clients is the only solution but unfortunately sometimes they just don’t work.

  1. Acknowledge: Respect every individual's opinion and don’t forget to acknowledge with as simple as an apology, or a  thank you. As often small acts of kindness are some of the few simple endeavours we all can do, they also are great relationship menders in the long run for your reputation. Sometimes when you acknowledge people will tell you what went wrong and you get the opportunity to turn a frown into a smile.

  2. Approach: Stay positive at all times even if you have had the worst of the days. Often your approach may act as a shield and bring along a storm of good referrals.  

  3. Learn: Every situation is different so when it comes to bad referrals ignorance is not the right way to go, so treat every missed opportunity as a stepping stone for a better lesson for tomorrow.

If you follow the above mentioned simple steps, you will be one step closer to overcoming the bad and ugly experiences of unpleasant referrals. Always remember to stay professional and treat every  bad referral as a stepping stone with an aim to approach the right people. Also remember for the future develop an effective referral marketing strategy as this will help you to enhance your reputation, as well as the ambassadors of your business. 



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