How to Deal with Out of Town Clients


With the holiday season almost there one of the many communication barriers are reaching to out of town clients and this also slows the buying or selling process . Following up can often be difficult to manage and exhausting. The best way to maintain rapport with your client and stay on pace to make sure you have all the paperwork you need before you have to chase them on their vacation. 

Staying organised is the key to avoid the stress but there are a few other points that should be dealt vigilantly:


  1. Appointments: If travel is too exhausting for them then email them a few properties in advance and then lan all the appointments as per convenience in advance. Also make a note of any travel arrangements (traffic, road closures) which may delay showings that can help your client to find their dream home quickly.
  2. Resources: Offers a wide range of handy resources as they are short on time. Yet make sure you pace yourself well or you will lose their interest. Educate your client on crucial data like transit maps, school districts, walk scores, prices in preferred neighbourhoods and follow up with an email if they have any questions.
  3. Paperwork: One signature can cost you delay so make all the arrangements to explain all the clauses to your client and seek signatures
  4. Patience: Pace things well is important but there is a high chance things will not work out so staying patient and help build rapport with your client in the crucial time.
  5. Be Prepared: Be ready to expect the unexpected. If due to some reason your client decides it is too much for them to decide before they go on holidays. Be considerate enquire about their returning plans and follow up.

When dealing with the out of town clients patience is crucial. Following the above mentioned steps you will be among the real estate professionals who have mastered how to deal with out of town clients. Don’t forget to share your comments on your experiences and have a great holiday season.

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