Neighborhoods leave a lasting Impression

 Neighborhoods leave a lasting impression. 

What makes a neighorhood special?

The answer goes far beyond the structure of the community and has a lot to do with the  community - a new development, a proposed land use, a new school or place of worship.  People attend neighborhood meetings to learn  more about plans that may impact their quality of life, and to support or oppose those changes.  On other occasions a support network arises for a family dealing with an illness or loss, fire or robbery which reverberates throughout the surrounding households.  Anyone involved in a condo board will also come into contact with fellow residents as they go about their assigned tasks.  Volunteering to be a board member is a great way to influence the running of the condominium as well as to meet other owners and tenants.

Happier occasions are often celebrated with impromptu gatherings, especially as the days become longer and the weather nicer.  In condominium buildings, the amenities provide opportunities for regular interaction with neighbors.

It has become clear that it is when we come together as  - neighbors - that we shape our experience of home.  To continue to value this part of my life is essential.

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