Spring Gardening Tips - The Preliminaries

As soon as we see our first robin, in our minds we are well on our way to Summer, unfortunately our flower beds, shrubs and gardens are in need of some well deserved TLC after a long Winter. 

One of the most beneficiary things we can do is to clean up and let

"Mother Nature" take it from there:



Your Lawn:

With a metal rake remove dead grass and debris that has been trapped under snow this will also help prepare bare spots, reseed those patches, spread evenly. Doing this helps brings the elements to the soil level encouraging grass growth. Water Reguarly.

Your gardens food or flowers:

This is the best time if you didn't have a chance in the Fall to remove old tomato stalks or thin out flowers that were too abundant last year. New growth will increase if this is done and there will be more space to add a different vegetable or change up your ornamental plants. Now is also the time to pull any young weed while the roots are short. Covering the bare spots until you get planting either with black sheeting, (which is a trick to catch the slug population by flipping once a week) or mulch is the best way to deter new weed growth.

Your Trees & Shrubs:

Late Winter or early Spring is the best time to prune well before the buds come out, if not you may stress the tree.  Remove stakes or loosen ties that were in place last season. Check with your local garden centre (Ormsby Garden Center, Greentree Gardens & Emporium, Lakeside Garden Gallery) for mulching around base of trees or any other important gardening questions you might have. Make sure you maintain your pruning equipment before use and gather any clippings when you are done for easy grass cutting or maintenance later on.

If you had the chance you will be well on your way to maybe transplanting some of your inside container gardens from the Winter.


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