10 Essentials International Buyers Must Know?

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With booming value of real estate along with the local investors the real estate industry is attracting global investors. So if you are an international buyer or seller, planning to invest in  Canada some of the few things you need to know before deciding to invest, but before you move ahead, with the 10f things that you need to know;

  1. Listing: In Canada every property is sold through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which means if you are searching for a home with the help of a real estate salesperson or broker you can see all listings available of the company they represent other companies and show you as many properties as you wish. So choosing a real estate salesperson is crucial.
  2. Listing Agent: In order to view a property and finally own it is crucial to take assistance of a listing agent. Once the listing agent  is chosen by the sellers they create a contract to list their property or Sale with one agent, called the Listing Agent.
  3. Buyer Agency Agreement: (Buyer Representation) Buyers can enter into contracts with what we call a Buyer Agency Agreement (Buyer Representation). Which means that, that Buyer fiduciary duty is to you as the Buyer. That means that they have to protect your interest, they have to make sure they have all the information, and they are on your side in a number of transactions. So it’s Buyer Agency, Buyer Representation, very very important in North America.
  4. Funds: Make sure that you have funds transferred into a Canadian or a U.S bank, so you are ready to move ahead with a transaction if you see something. You need to make sure that your funds are on shore before you make any sort of deposits or down payment and transactions. Don’t expect that your funds can be transferred within a day or two, they should be on shore they should be in North America and ready to do the purchase.
  5. Deposit: You will need a deposit, and a deposit is something that is cash and/or certified funds and that money has to go into a bank account with the Listing Brokerage and it is called a deposit, and it’s either between 5% or 10% and should be fairly accessible from your bank account and into the trust fund of the Listing company.
  6. Financing: If you need financing you will have to be preapproved by a bank with branches in Canada. There are a lot of foreign banks in Canada and you can use them, but they are much happier if a lot of your assets are already transferred into Canadian funds or in a Canadian bank. Or U.S funds in a U.S bank.
  7. Land Transfer Tax: Buying property in Canada and United States is like buying property in many other places, there are taxes to be paid. Here we have taxes on the property that are paid on a yearly basis. There’s also taxes that are paid when you actually buy the property. And in Toronto at the moment there are two taxes to be paid, one goes… 2% goes to the Province and 2% of the purchase price goes to the City of Toronto. But you have to be prepared to pay to those taxes on closing.
  8. Property Tax/ Withholding Tax: Owning property in Canada and the United States means that you will have to pay property taxes. Taxes on most property are a factor of the size of the property, and the value of the property. And here it is based on a percentage of the value of the property. And usually that is one percent of the value of the property you pay in taxes per year. But that is a figure you should keep in mind. When you sell your property, you will be subject to withholding tax, and that withholding tax will be relinquished once the Government assesses your tax liability.
  9. Mortgage: Please know that when you buy a property in Canada and it’s financed and you have a mortgage, the mortgagee can go after you for all of the value of the mortgage that you’ve borrowed. So you are responsible to the mortgagees to pay that money back.
  10. Agreement of Purchase and Sale: Please know that an accepted of Agreement of Purchase and Sale is a contract and it is a binding contract. It’s not something that you can walk away from nor do I suggest you ever do that. Buying in Canada has been a very very possible for a lot of people and it’s a very safe place to live, a very safe place to put your money. Please note that anytime you buy a property in Canada there are strong property rights and very hard for someone to take that property away from you, unless you do not meet your financial commitment. But it’s a very strong safe place to invest.


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