3 Essential Networking Tips for Real Estate Professionals

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Networking is important in every career and real estate is no exception which real estate professionals often tend to overlook. Networking does not simply mean being active on social media you also have to practice the old school connecting with people in person as it mean although seem old school but still works with the same strength.  So when you are participating in the next real estate convention, training session make sure you follow these simple tips to start networking effectively.

Timing: Time is really precious and if you arrive early people really get the impression that you are serious and would like to connect with you. Being on time also allows room for you to choose the people and with limited distractions you can instantly connect and if things click work together. It can be difficult at first to engage with strangers but, if you have a open mind and dedication to reach out to people nothing can stop you. Be confident and all the positive vibes will reciprocate instantly.

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Business Cards: The most important aspect behind networking is marketing yourself and reaching out to people to get known and business cards are your identity so make sure you stock up and leave the extras in your car, it can be handy. Don’t go overboard with expensive design but make sure you brand yourself and share contact information where people can reach out to you. Don’t push your business card to everyone you meet but hand it to someone who asks and seems interested in connecting again. Along with contact information share your social media links and website too.


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Follow-Up: The golden rule of every networking is follow up. Make your notes behind the business cards after you finish the event and make sure you acknowledge the meeting. Being prompt in following up with someone you met at a networking event. Why is fol;low up so important people like that  you are serious about the interaction and rapport is built instantly and you have a reason to meet again. Generally it is recommended to follow up within 24 to 48 hours. Email is the best way to reach out, but if they mentioned to call them then make sure you do. The next step to follow is add them as a professional contact on LinkedIn then Facebook page if they own a company.

Why networking is better its not the shotgun approach, hope the above tips help you network and expand mutual career goals to switch for better opportunities. Don’t forget to share your personal take on networking experiences.


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