Connected to More: Web 2.0 is changing how people connect

Technology has changed how people communicate. Samuel Morse’s telegraph allowed messages to be transmitted across oceans in a matter of seconds; Mr Bell’s first long-distance telephone call in 1876 was the stepping stone to an age of instant voice communication; Ray Tomlinson sent the first email in 1971. Though we might sometimes curse Tomlinson after seeing 100 emails waiting for us after a well-deserved vacation, the fact remains that technology will keep evolving, and it is up to us to keep up or get left behind.

The advent of Web 2.0 in 2004 spurred a rapid pace of improvement for the Internet in terms of advancement and accessibility, and it shows no sign of abating. Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube have become staples of everyday life. The challenge facing everyone is how to dissect and make the best use of this Internet renaissance.

Your REALTOR®, like everyone else, is faced with this daunting task. It seems like only yesterday that Facebook came online. Following closely in its footsteps came sites like Flickr, Foursquare, Reddit and a plethora of others. With proper usage, social media can be a decisive tool in marketing a home, as it allows one to reach a vast number of people across social spectra, different provinces, and even continents. (As an example, a cottage property I recently posted on Facebook Marketplace generated 72 hits within 24 hours of posting: that’s a lot of publicity!)

Sifting through this web of interconnected social media outlets takes time and experience. CENTURY 21 has led the way in real estate by providing its agents with the tools to excel in this digital world. This is embodied in the company’s new tagline, “Connected to More.” No other real estate organization has devoted anywhere near the amount of money and resources to develop its web presence - and it shows. generates 3 times the number of unique visits per sales representative than the competition, meaning that a house featured on your CENTURY 21 agent’s website will get 3 times the exposure (COMSCORE, CREA 2009). Couple this with the exposure generated by a proper social media campaign, the standard MLS listing, and local advertising, and you have yourself a truly global marketing effort.

As beneficial as Web 2.0 marketing is, it must be admitted that only a small majority of agents have taken full advantage of its power. CENTURY 21 has surpassed the competition in its Web 2.0 initiatives, but it still remains up to the individual agent to do the work and create their own social media niche. In a slower market, such as the one we are heading into, the proper marketing of a property is crucial. Exposing it to as many people as possible, both to agents and unrepresented buyers, will ensure that your home reaches its maximum marketing potential.

Like Morse code, the telephone, and email, Web 2.0 is allowing a vast number of users worldwide to connect. In business terms, this presents an opportunity to market to an unprecedented mass of individuals. In the real estate world, this means that your house can be given exposure never before possible. When looking to find a REALTOR®, make sure they are truly Connected to More.

| Seth Ferguson is a Sales Representative with CENTURY 21 Future Realty Inc., in Milton, Ontario.  He serves Halton Region, including Milton, Georgetown, Oakville, Burlington and Acton.  Looking to buy or sell? |

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