How to make the most at an Open House Event

Open houses are the golden opportunities you can get in real estate as a Realtor. So having a planned approach is crucial to convert the maximum visits into productive leads, but it is also important from a buyers point of view. Read on a few best practices buyers should consider while going to the next open house:

Market Trend: Every open house is a great research tool as it does not always have to lead into serious decisions for a buyer you can choose to look for specific demands at a later time. On a open house be sure to gauge the pricing trend as the best way to feel the pricing option and the market. Open house is also a great opportunity to build rapport with your real estate agent

Introduce: Don’t forget to introduce once you enter its just courtesy. Often new owners fear that the relator at the open house will harass them if they share contact information, but if you are looking for something specific and are a serious buyer they can help so be expressive of what you are interested in and if do not want to share any information decline politely the agents often understand.

Review: Keep an open mindset and be sure to interact with other buyers to review and understand more about the key trends. Also when you are at the open house mingle with other buyers and look more than price there are many other deal breakers and open houses are the best way to find them out.


Ask Questions: Don’t fear to talk, answering all your questions is the realtors job. Also after the seller he knows it all and often the agent can act as a link to convey it to the listing agent if you have any specific questions. A few questions you must ask include:

  • What is the reason for the sale?

  • Is there a specific deadline to review offers?

  • How many showings are done?

  • How long has the property been on the market?

  • What are the seller’s demands?

A good real estate sales agent will always answer all the above mentioned question if something is unanswered you can always engage to meet later for more information. you because it’s good for his seller. So before you go to a open house be sure to follow the above mentioned tips to take opportunity in the house that you are seriously interested in. Do let us know your feedback? Feel free to share your comments or suggestions. While you’re here, don’t forget to view homes for sale and new listings on Century21President  

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