One more reason to hire a Professional Realtor

We all know the saying about Best Laid Plans… The truth is sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes it’s really no one’s fault, things just happen.

This week for me is proof yet again that hiring a Realtor to buy or sell your home is a wise move. Yes things go wrong with a deal, almost never happens but when it does, it effects a lot of people, not just with your sale, but your purchase and the new home for the sellers you are purchasing from and so on, sometimes it can be a huge chain reaction.

While my client has been at work, yes stressing about problems that are out of his control, I have been on the phone and in meetings nonstop. I have talked to all of the mortgage people involved, the lawyers, the other sales rep.’s, and some of the buyers and sellers involved. Lots of messages back and forth, paperwork and phone calls, all happening while my client is going on with his work day. Would you have time to dash all over town with paperwork? Make all the phone calls and the follow up calls? Can you commit a couple of days to solving the problem? Do you even know where to start looking for solutions? My client in this case has heard from me now and then throughout the last couple of days, if I have a question or something to run past him. But for the most part he can go about his day and rest assured that all that can be done, is being done

With a lot of hard work on everyone’s part the good news is that I got to call my client this afternoon and say it’s all straightened out, the chain reaction of homes closing will happen, on time. All this took place while our clients were going about their days.

That’s the difference when you hire a professional, we see this through from beginning to end and what we want is a happy ending for everyone.

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