Porch decorating for the fall season: The ECO Way

Decorating for Fall the Eco Friendly Way!

Decorating for fall is one of my favorite tasks all year. The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, the crops are being harvested and it's the lead in to the holiday season. It's really not that hard and DIY decorating is fun too! It is easy to be sucked into the discount box stores and their low prices. But, what if we made use of things we already have or natural elements that are readily available when coming up with a decor plan this year? It won't be hard -- promise! Here we go!

This simple but elegant front door swag can be made from various items found throughout nature. Items like bush grass (found along #Stouffville Side Road from #Warden-#Yonge), mums, dried corn, maple leaves, pumpkins, branches, acorns, all mixed with items like ribbons, can make beautiful porch decoations. Even a barrel of hay is festive at  this time of year!

The fall colours allow for nothing fancy, yet it conveys a warm welcome to your guests from the moment they arrive on your porch. Braid a few husks together of corn and secure through your door knocker or use twine, a nail or wreath holder.

"Cozy" Up Your Table Repurposing items is an easy, eco friendly choice. Here, a quilt is used in place of a table cloth. It just exudes a warm and cozy feeling. It's topped with a shorter knit afgan for the layered look -- a fall favorite. Try mixing and matching colors and getting more mileage out of your bedding! Source Get a basket and start shopping around the house. You will be surprised how many items you already own can be used to create unique fall decor. Don't Forget Your Windows When Decorating for Fall This project is so simple! Collect some leaves from the backyard to go along with the mini pumpkins you grew or purchased. Tie the stems of each to a length of twine. This all natural garland will swag from the corners of your windows -- dressing them up for the Autumn season! Source Blankets, Quilts and Throws Vintage FARIBO Geometric Wool Blanket 71" X 79" Current Bid: $59.99 Time Remaining: 7 days, 17 hours, 33 minutes VINTAGE BEAUTIFUL FLOWER HAND CROCHET KNIT BLANKET HANDMADE 42" x 68" Current Bid: $34.99 Time Remaining: 13 days, 22 hours, 5 minutes Vintage Fermanagh Wool rug Irish Northern Ireland Tartan Plaid Afghan Blanket Current Bid: $35.00 Time Remaining: 3 days, 5 hours, 15 minutes Your Lamps Want in on the Fun! Pine cones are plentiful in lots of areas. They are perfect for decorating for fall and winter. In this project, you simple sand the bottom of the pine cone smooth and then use a dab of hot glue to secure it to your lamps finial. They will take you through the winter as far as decor is concerned. They can easily be removed by Spring. Source A Simple Centerpiece for Fall What better way to show off the lovely jewel tones of fall than by using items plentiful from nature. Use items that are complementary in color or finish. Old metal (as shown) gives a vintage feel. Clear glass dishes and platters would be more modern in contrast. Begin by gathering a tray, sherbet, compotes, candy dishes or wooden boxes from around your home. Arrange the dishes on the tray. Then, fill the tray and dishes with falls bounty of nuts, berries, pine cones and fruit. Easy and beautiful!

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