Purrrfect Ways to “De-pet” Your Home for Open Houses

Purrrfect Ways to “De-pet” Your Home for Open Houses

If you have pets, you probably adore them. They're part of the family! But when you're preparing your home for sale, you need to think about how to deal with the "pet issue." Some potential buyers who view your property may love pets, whereas others may be turned off by the tell-tale signs of pet ownership – such as kitty litter, dander, and smells. 

Use these tips to keep both your pets and buyers happy:

  • Keep your pets out of the house during viewings. Even if your dog or cat is friendly, some buyers will be uncomfortable around them. 

  • Consider a local kennel or "pet day camp." You'll need to decide where your pets will go when buyers view your property. "Can't I just take my dog out for a walk?" you might ask. You could, however, you may not always be available to do that during a viewing.

  • Some buyers will be turned off or allergic to pet odours. Consider using specialty air sprays that neutralize pet odours and spray areas where pets spend a lot of time, like their favourite cushion or scratching post. 

  • Finally, it's a good idea to advise buyers that they're viewing a home with pets. That way, they'll be more forgiving if they catch a whiff of cat dander.

As pet owners, as much as we love our pets, the presence of animals during home viewings can affect the experience for buyers and ultimately, their impression of your property.

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