Technology Update: New Contact Feature

Being a leader in real estate can be challenging to keep with the clients. With the help of  amazing, awesome and beautiful easy to add a contact feature within the Online Office Rev2 Beta offered by Century 21. This new update not only helps you to stay on top of managing contacts but also make things easy and organised to view contacts which are placed within structured listed drop downs.

Tags: Keywords or tags are an efficient way to customise contact lists in a click and the new update has adopted this feature making contact organisation simple and quick.  One of the other unique and interesting feature is the tag option which, helps you to create separate tags for individuals within a list to help you remember the key points.

Advanced Search: Searching is not just easy but keeps your contacts streamlined making things access which, means better rapport building opportunities with clients. Also with the help of the advanced search feature you can not only search but, also define the specifics like a hot lead and group them together which keeps all your contacts organised in a group.

Creating New Lists: Creating lists has always been a time consuming process but it is an essential part to stay in touch with clients keeping this in mind the new update makes things easy. All you have to do is simply select all the contacts you would wish to group together and name the list it’s that easy and all the contacts will line up together.

Stay tuned for more technology update and keep reading some interesting tips on real estate which are designed to equip Century 21 members to stand out of the crowd as Smarter.Bolder.Faster and awesome professionals with the state of art cutting edge tools.


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