What Are The Gadgets For A Modern Realtor

I always strive to keep myself updated to the latest technology and gadgets useful for real estate. Especially as more and more buyers are becoming tech savvy and looking for ways to faster communication  some really cool gadgets to make your everyday life of a modern realtor easy. 

I hope this article will persuade you to understand how technology and gadgets are taking control of your everyday tasks to make our everyday tasks awesome and quick! Although there are over a dozen gadgets but the top five on my list that make things easy for me are listed below. Feel free to add to the list in the comments section of this post. 

SnapJet Instant Film Printer

 SnapJet Instant Photos

SnapJet is the world's first slim, portable, open-source instant film printer. In real estate it's all about making that first impression to stand out and guess what this sleek tool not only makes a good impression! It also wows your client that you are making everything possible for them. Also once you own this cool gadget you will never run out on business cards. Always have meeting schedules, conference tickets at your fingertips. 


Tile has your back; you will never miss anything once you attach this handy gadget which is a small square. When you attacha Tile (a small white square, approximately 3x3cm) to an item, it is capable of casting a Bluetooth signal up to 100 feet away so your search for the lost keys or wallet or laptop is going to get much much easier. Sometimes we really need to find the phone fast to be able to respond to the client and this is the ideal way how to manage just that. Also, no more lost keys from the houses where we are meeting the clients in 15 minutes. (Unless, of course, we have left them back in the office, 30 minutes across the town!) 


 You will no longer be stranded if your phone or laptop battery dies in the middle of no where when you make sure to carry this ultimate and reliable backup power, for emergency use or as an everyday extra power source, you can definitely rely on Upp.Upp is a Hydrogen Micro Generator and reusable Fuel Cartridge. Via simple, single-button operation, Upp will power and charge your USB compatible devices. One Fuel Cartridge will allow you to charge your phone approximately five times. Upp is approved for carriage in aircraft, so even if you fly a lot, you won't have bringing it with you.

 Cobra JumPac

You are running late for a meeting, open house and your car won't start up and this moment will transform into one of the best days if you are carrying Cobra JumPack. This handy gadget has enough power to jump start most cars multiple times on a single charge. The package also includes jumper cables and two different charging methods. You can either use a simple wall charger for home or a 12V charger to charge your battery pack on the go. I prefer to charge it right after I used it, so I won't have to worry about remembering it later.

 Jawbone UP3 Activity Tracker

 I'm a very active person, however I know that being a realtor can be very challenging for your daily workout routine. That's why I've decided to include one of the most advanced activity tracker out there! The UP3 tracker gets smarter the more you work out. It learns and automatically logs all your activities from casual weekend running to intense workout sessions at the gym. 


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