5 Surprising Home Buyer Turn Offs

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As important taking the decision to sell, equally important aspect is to preparing for to establish an impressive home for your prospective buyers. Spending a ton of money in upgrading is the not the solution; it has to be a complete package make sure to enhance the curb appeal as well as follow simple principles of staging.

Make sure while you plan and execute all the preparations to make your home sale ready, you pay close attention to the following;

1. Declutter: This the first step along with getting rid of all the junk is make sure your home smells good too. Decluttering not only helps to establish an excellent first impression but also helps prospective buyers to visualize themselves better.

2. Wallpaper: Never plan showing a home with a peeling wallpaper or a unfinished DIY project. If you decide to add a wallpaper to your home for adding a special touch make sure you choose a combination of pastel shades.

3. Open House: No one like to questioned by owners so tempting as it may seem try and stay away from the open house. Instead you can accompany the real estate salesperson on the showing if you are really eager to find out more about prospective buyers.

4. Photos: A picture communicates better in every way so make sure you take clear photos from a wide-angle and if you have a beautiful, door, backyard etc. take pictures by establishing the perks of your home a s a focal point.

5. Pricing: Never overprice if you want to sell quickly, it not just looks ugly that the property is not old because it is overpriced, but in a way also questions the credibility of the real estate salesperson. Don’t under price either take expert opinion often real estate professionals have key insights for pricing follow their experienced approach and pick the best yet competitive price.

Quick sale and credible buyers, are what every homeowner and real estate professionals always on the look out for. If you avoid the key turnoffs mentioned above bagging a quick sale is assured. Don’t forget to share experiences for a quick sale. 

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