5 Texting Must Follow Tips

Are you a texter when it comes  to following up with your clients as a realtor.Don’t worry it is a new trending real estate practice and the real estate industry appreciates it too. According to various surveys all tech savvy consumers prefer texting over calling as it is perfect for their fast paced lives.

It is always recommended to initially establish a contact with a prospective client with a telephonic conversation but majority of the clients prefer text follow ups. There are many etiquettes to to texting clients but we have the most important ones elaborated below:

1. Professional: Sound as professional as possible when connecting with clients. Avoid the use of  abbreviations as sometimes they can trigger the wrong messages. Although you are texting remember that it is still equivalent to a telephonic conversation for business purposes similar to an email.

2. Timing:  While texting don’t forget to keep track of the time. Respect at all times the privacy concerns when talking to clients and always ask for a preferable time to contact clients.

3. Message: Sound professional and simple to understand when texting. Be as concise as possible with the requested information. To get feedback, negotiate information related to finance, contracts and other legal aspects always coordinate face to face discussions.

4. Permission: At all times seek permission from clients their communication preference via email, text or phone.

Text messaging is a good practice especially for consumers who are tech savvy. This may be a best practice for first-time homeowners to build rapport as they are comfortable texting.

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