Top 3 Must Drive Fall Routes in Brampton

Brampton is among the very fortunate cities of Ontario to have amazing parks and forest so close to the city. Along with an amazing business hub the city has wonderful distressing locations for you to spend quality time with your family and friends walking, running or to enjoy picnic on weekends.

If you are looking to explore the amazing colours of the fall, getting close to the nature while driving amidst the forest then you must take a ride along the top three locations mentioned below. This ride will not only relax you but also amaze you with the mystical powers the nature displays with the seasonal transformation. Although there are a few spots you can choose to drive along but the best suggested route to witness the beauty of nature are as follows:

1.Creditview Road: Drive along Creditview Road starting at the north end approximately halfway between Bovaird Drive & Queen Street West. Travel south and into the heritage village of Churchville. End up at the Churchville Park for a spot to stretch your legs.

2.Downtown Brampton: There are some beautiful colourful locations in downtown Brampton along Mill Street South, Main Street South and in Gage Park (Wellington & Main).

3.Embleton Road & Heritage Road: Starting at Mississauga Road, drive west along Embleton Road through.Huttonville, right (north) on Heritage Road to Bovaird Drive (Highway 7).

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