Creating a Good First Impression

Now that you have decided to sell your home, it is time to take a good look at your property and see what needs to be done to make the best impression on prospective purchasers.


Often, people looking for a home will drive around neighbourhoods they think they would like to live in to see what kinds of houses are for sale.  It pays to make your home as appealing as possible - give it "Curb Appeal" - to attract prospective purchasers once they notice the "FOR SALE" sign on your property.


Once you sign a listing agreement, your REALTOR will undoubtedly give you tips to help make that first impression really count.  Here are a few tips from me that you could start with even before you sign a listing agreement. 

1.  Keep your lawns neatly trimmed and edged during the Spring, Summer and Fall.  The driveway and paths should be kept clear of snow and ice in the winter months and free of leaves, mud and litter at other times of the year.

2.  Trim trees and shrubs to get rid of overwhelming branches that might obscure a potentially good view of your home, or the pathways leading to the front door.

3.  Bird houses and feeders, dried-flower wreaths and hanging baskets on the front porch can give your home "country" curb appeal.

4.  Try to keep the driveway free of tricycles, bicycles and children's toys.  If the driveway is badly damaged, doing a few repairs would be of benefit.

5.  Repair or replace broken steps or walkways.  You might be used to the uneven paving or rickety stairs outside your home, but they are unsightly and could be hazardous to visitors.

6. Your homes roof, chimney and exterior should look sound and well cared for.  Freshly painted woodwork is often well worth the time and money invested in it.

7.  Wash down window frames and clean windows.  Scrub the front door and polish the house numbers, mailbox, door knob and knocker.

8.  Open blinds and curtains or shutters to give your home an inviting, welcoming look.  In winter months, keep inside and outside lights on and during the rest of the year turn on interior and porch lights at dusk. 


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