Preparing for an OPEN HOUSE!

One of the many services a REALTOR provides when you are selling your home is an effective marketing plan.  An important part of that overall plan may be an "open house"  for prospective buyers.  Your REALTORS are already working with buyers who may be interested in your property.  These REALTORS will inspect your home with their buyers in mind, and will act quickly when they feel there is a possible match. 

An open house for REALTORS is also more convenient for you, eliminating many of the single inspections that would otherwise be necessary.  Also, REALTORS seeing your home during an open house can offer their objective views about your property, possibly giving you additional ideas to enhance your home's saleability.  Your REALTOR will likely recommend you hold at least one or possibly more open houses for the general public as well.  this type of open house tends to attract many browsers, but if your home is clean, attractive, in good repair and well-priced, it may just turn a browser into a buyer.  Many purchasers want to get the "feel" of several neighborhoods before they begin working with a REALTOR; an open house will attract these buyers.

Chances are your open house fo the public will be held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon since that is when the most people are likely to have free time for cruising around the neighborhoods they are interested in.  Although you may be curious, it is a good idea for you and your family to leave the home during an open house.  Your presence could be distracting and potential buyers may rush their visit to avoid disturbing you.  They may also be hesitant to comment on or discuss your home while you are there.  Your pets should also be temporarily removed since their presence can also be very distracting.

Before an open house, you will want to put your home in tip top shape.  Your REALTOR will be able to give you suggestions on making it more appealing to buyers.

Your REALTOR will ask for the name, address and telephone number of everyone that comes through your home and will try to walk through the house with each vistior.  But since your home will be open to the public, a few precautions will ensure your open house is a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone.


-  Remove and lock away valuables

-  Attend to any potential hazards that may be at your home

-  In poor weather, provide a place for overshoes, boots etc

-  Avoid cooking food with strong odours.  The scent of fresh brewed coffee or homeade bread is a welcoming smell.

-  a warm fire on a cold day can also be a nice touch

-  put all the interior lights on ( I know, sounds odd, but it gives ample light)

-  Make sure all the de cluttering is done! 

-  Possibly some calm soothing music

-  garbage taken out to the trash can (no lingering odors please!)

-  No dirty dishes in the sink and no laundry left lying around.

-  Beds to all be make

-  Curtains and blinds to be open

-  Carpets cleaned and floors swept


It all sounds like alot of work but having your home and property in its best shape will pay off in the long run.

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