Your Home is what?

Ok, so you have sold your home and you are now ready to plan your move!  This is an exciting and yes, overwhelming time as there is alot to do to prepare.  You want the move to your new place to be smooth and painless!  If you take some time to plan it out properly, it should, in theory, be just that.....SMOOTH AND PAINLESS!

Things to think about......

When is your moving date?  You will have to either line up a bunch of friends that are reliable to assist you on your moving day or find a moving company to do the lifting for you.  Most important thing to do if the latter is your plan is to contact a couple moving companies in your area and ask for a quote for the move.  Check out the companies reputation to make sure they are good at what they do!  Have them come and look at how much you have to move and ask lots of questions.  Do they wrap delicate items, do they use mattress bags to protect your beds, costs and how long will the packing process take.  Another important thing to do is make sure you do not leave this to the last minute!  Book well in advance of your move and follow up a couple weeks prior to confirm the booking. 

If you are planning to save a little money with your move by recruiting friends and family to help, then now would be the time to start gathering boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap or newspapers, permanant marker etc for the big moving day!  You can get free boxes, usually, at your local grocery stores, liquor stores etc.  Make sure they are of good quality and not falling apart.  If you don't want to spend the time in search of boxes, your local moving company usually sells them in packages.  You will have to put these ones together, but are of good quality.

Next is the time consuming part of actually starting to pack.  Sometimes its a good idea to purge the items you not longer need first.  No sense in taking items you no longer use to another place.  Have a garage sale, sell in the local newspaper or online, give away to friends or family, or donate to a charity. 

Now that you have eliminated all of your unwanted items, packing should be a breeze, right?  Well easier, yes but still time consuming.  Try to organize what you are packing so that your kitchen items are together, bathroom items etc.  Will be super easy when the time comes to do the unpacking at your new home.  Also, most important....Remember to use plenty of packing tape and label the boxes!   That way when you are taking them to your new home, you know which rooms each box belongs to and where to put them.  Not fun moving boxes from room to room. 

The more organized you are in the beginning of the move and throughout, the better it will be.  Your back will thank you! 


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