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So. I'm selling my house. It should be an interesting experience for me and my kids. And so in classic "over-sharer" form I am going to tell you all the juicy details of what it will be like to go through the process I guide people through every day. But first, lets start with the reason why. 

To be truthful, I'm not sure I can provide a real reason why. I mean, I have lots of little reason's but no grand gesture like "I hate my house" or "I hate the location" or "I hate my neighbours". It's actually the opposite of all that - I love my house, love my location and love my neighbours!  And that's what makes the decision that I'm making so hard. It's hard to leave the first home I ever owned. We have been here 10 years and this house has borne witness to the good times and the bad times, the ups and downs of our family life. I've shared more meals than I can count here with my children, friends and family. I've done a lot of changes on the house itself and have painted, painted and repainted changing the colours from it's original dusty rose and robin's egg blue.  

This home is where the kids and their friends pulled all nighters, its where I had my girlfriends over for my first Westport Cougar Party (it was the stuff legends are made of lol) and where we have opened birthday gifts and Christmas gifts for the past 10 years. It's the first place the kids have really called home and so the emotion attached to leaving our home and having someone else live in "our home" is immense.  I didn't realize this until talking with one of my kids and they said "I'm not sure I can handle driving by our house and seeing someone else living in it". And that was really hard because I hadn't really thought about it like that. That made me stop and think and I have to wonder if I'm going to be cool seeing someone else in "my" house. 

After 10 years of selling real estate in the area, I have been through a lot of homes and at no point ever have I ever wanted to leave where I live. As nice as some other homes have been there has always been a little something wrong with them that didn't match my family's needs. A little too small or too far out of town - I don't want to be miles down a dirt road when we are on the road for sports all the time and I really don't want to be in town itself. I can't imagine the neighbours listening to us at the pool with all the jumping and splashing and hollering that goes on when the boys are outside. We tend to be loud when we all hang out so some privacy and space is key. 

But something happened in June. Lois mentioned that she had a new listing coming up and would I like to go see it. I was too busy so I declined. After a few weeks I thought I should go see it as it wasn't far from town so I dropped by on my way home one day. I had just planned to slip in and be on my way. I pulled up and thought "Wow, this place needs a TON of work!" And when I first entered I thought the same thing. But then it happened. I always look at each home and think "could I live here?" and go through a mental list of what a future buyer's objections will be. When I looked it all over and asked that question I realized that I was starting to think that I could live here. It fit my criteria of being off a good main road, close to work and schools., it was really small but would be the ideal size for me when all the kids have grown up and moved onto their own places. It needed a ton of work to renovate from a 3 season cottage to a 4 season home, but the idea of making something entirely mine from scratch made me frightfully excited. I tried to reason that it was too much work, but after stewing on it a few days I figured if I let the opportunity pass me by because of a little (ok a LOT) of work then I would forever be regretful. 

And so that is the reason why my house went up on the market. I finally found a place that in time the kids would learn to call home again. Now understand that the stars have to align to make this happen. That I have to sell my house in an area where we import 90% of our buyers and the market is slow. And there is the VERY real possibility that the house I love may sell to someone else. That's the risk I have to take just like everyone else who lists with another house on the market in mind as their next home. 

And so it begins, my house is on the market and next blog I'll talk about the fun of trying to clean 3000 sq ft of teenage wilderness and getting everybody on board to get our house "show ready" for our first showing!

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