Fast cars and Great Music - go hand in hand!

Okay, so I finally decided it was time to shop for a newer vehicle than the 2000 minivan I have been driving. Nothing wrong with it, but a few rust spots cropping up over the summer made me feel it was time to trade it in and start looking like the successful Century 21 real estate agent that I am! Enter the dreaded process of looking for a vehicle..... coupled with the fact that my husband said "pick whatever you want - you'll be driving it 90% of the time" ..... this could be a good thing or this could turn turn ugly! What do I know about cars?!So off to the internet I go to prelim shop my van - with 4 kids I just figured my best bet was back into a van, but thanks to some input from the girl at the office next door showing up with a great used Saturn Vue I thought "hey, I want something sportier looking too" and after weeks of checking out every van in a 300 km radius I start my search again. Do I really want another van? NO! So that leaves me with Tahoes, Expeditions, Suburbans and the likes because of the 4 incredible, yet quickly growing kids I have. Anyway, long story short I find through the internet a place called "THE CAR STORE" in Kingston with a beautiful loooking Chev Trailblazer Extended. I had no idea that they even made these. You know when you are always in one mode (van, van, van) and then you put your head up and look around you start seeing them everywhere! Well, one stop at the dealership to meet Craig McIntyre and my soon to be "Cool Mom" vehicle I thought - "This seems too good to be true". When I asked to take it to my own mechanic 45 mins away - Craig said yes. When I asked if he would fix the two little things my mechanic said should be done - Craig said yes. When I asked if he could handle everything from licence plates to financing to car cleaning - Craig said yes. When I took it to a Kingston Body shop to have them look at it, the manager assured me that if I was dealing with Craig I would not be disappointed and throughout this whole experience I have been awed by the service and knowledge that I have been given. I LOVE getting great service! Isn't that crazy that we get so little of it these days? It made me want to step up my game in what I do as a Real Estate agent as well. Every person deserves to be hand held through the process of buying or selling their home whether it's their first or fifteenth time - they deserve the care I got when buying a vehicle.

On my last visit to THE CAR STORE to ask permission to blog Craig, he tossed me a CD and said "while you're blogging maybe you can mention this". And I will - Unbelievable!! I haven't listened to anything else in three weeks. Craig (I had no idea) is this incredible singer and musician. His Cd "Silent" is so amazing! Composition, instrumentation,  vocals are all done by Craig and Rick Moulton. Hard to put a label on the genre of this CD because the music is everything. From one song to the next I think "Okay, now it's going to go here... and then it doesn't". You know when you buy a CD and you listen and go "Gee, that's great - I only like 3 songs on it" so the rest you skip over? Well it's the first time in a long time I've listenened and LOVED every song on the whole thing. Personal favorite is "Fall Like That". Wow! Craig's info can be found at . Check it out and see what I'm raving about - you won't be disappointed! 


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