What an Incredible Time to Purchase that Dream Home of Yours!!

The newspapers would have you believe that everywhere we look it is doom and gloom and without sounding Pollyanna I would say that Yes things have slowed down, BUT and the but here is huge - it is a fantastic time to take advantage of the many, many government and bank incentives being offered to Canadians in a valiant effort to stir up the faltering economy. I cannot believe that interest rates are as low as they are. When you combine that with the fact that we are living in an area where housing costs are already lower than many city centres and that we have such fantastic waterfront prices compared to the Muskokas, the Haliburtons and the Kiwarthas it is not only a good time to buy, but as our area increases in popularity it will provide excellent investment value also. We welcome those new Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa transplants that marvel at the excellent housing prices and the environment in which we are able to showcase them! Abundance of water, farmland and great amenities make the Rideau Lakes area an ideal place to move whether you are retired or a young family.

Also, for those purchasing or looking to upgrade their current homes don't forget about the rebate being offered by the government that allows you up to 15% back at tax time if you upgrade such things as flooring, decking, windows etc; There is also the energy retrofit program that offers rebates as well. For first time homebuyers there is a First time homebuyers tax refund of up to $750.00 that you can take advantage of as well.  For a complete list of tax incentives, rebates and upcoming availablle refunds call our office to discuss. We work closely with a variety of Banking and Mortgage Specialists and can refer you to the various government websites referring to each incentive.  

Tanya Lemcke

Tanya Lemcke

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