Everything you need to know about preparing your home to be sold.


  1. Clean! Make sure all of the faucets, door-handles, and appliances are polished.  Clean dust off of fan blades and all surfaces.  Consider hiring a cleaning service to stop by every couple of weeks if you have already moved out.


  1. Do not create oppressive smells from the cooking on the day of.  The smell is strong and lingers for a long time. You don’t want your home to smell like a fast food restaurant!”


  1. Clear the clutter out. If a room is messy, buyers will not be able to focus on how great it is underneath.  Removes piles of shoes from the foyer, and stacks of mail from the hallway table.


  1. Repaint using neutral colours.  A bright red dining room will turn off a large portion of your buyers, no matter how much you love it.  Repaint your interior with neutral tones like tan and white to allow buyers to focus on the space itself.


  1. Simple décor will help buyers envision themselves living in the room, so get rid of any art that might only appeal to certain demographics.  A landscape picture is fine, a loud and abstract piece is not.


  1. Remove family photos.  Buyers will have a harder time picturing themselves living in your home if it is full of photos of a different family.  Removing anything along these lines will make the home more compatible.


  1. Add light.  Draw all the curtains to let natural light in, and add lamps to areas that are lacking.  A bright room looks bigger.


  1. Bring nature in.  Plants and flowers in a vase will bring energy into a lacking space and even help draw attention to good features.  But make sure they are in good health.


  1. Remove bulky items.  Large pieces of furniture will detract from the space of a room and make it look smaller.  Replace with pieces that are to scale.


  1. Organize your storage space.  It is a huge selling point.  If your closets are stuffed, buyers will thing you do not have enough storage space.  Use dividers to help make things look more organized, and remove extra items you do not immediately need.


  1. Conquer that to-do list. Buyers will notice all the things that you never got around to being done, much more than you will notice since you have become so used to them. They will detract from the value of your home. Set aside a weekend to tighten loose doorknobs, fix leaky faucets and paint over the scuffs on the walls.


  1. Do a faux “renovation.” Little tweaks can make a big difference in the overall feel of a room. Kitchen a little out-dated? Replace the fixtures, faucets and hinges. Family room furniture beaten up? Throw some slipcovers over it.


  1. Each room needs a purpose.  A guest room or an unused-room-turned-storage area will not be seen as a valuable room, no matter how useful it was for you.  Pick a purpose and stage the room clearly so that its purpose is apparent.


  1. Turn your bathroom into a spa!  For less than thirty dollars you can completely change the room.  By adding scented candles and fake plants, and by coordinating the colours of towels and mats, you can make the room look luxurious.


  1. Close the toilet!


  1. Group furniture into arrangements. Help the buyers picture themselves entertaining guests or relaxing with family by grouping furniture in conversation inspiring sets.


  1. Reconsider the flow of your home.

Move around as though you are seeing your home for the first time and tweak anything that interrupts the flow.


  1. Bake something that smells tasty. 

Fresh cookies are not just for your guests to snack on.  They are also to add a homely smell to your room, which adds to a buyer’s ability to see themselves living there.  If you don’t bake, even a scented candle could work.


  1. Draw attention to focal points.  Use special features with bright colours to attract the eye to specific attributes in a room.  A bright pillow will highlight a window seat for example.


AND Consider curb appeal. Not all of your energy should be spent inside.  Several buyers have decided to skip a house entirely based on its exterior look.  Maintain your garden and fix any imperfections at the front of the house.  Even adding a row of pot



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