Buyer's remorse, Sellers' regret


"I've heard of buyer's remorse, but sellers' regret, what is that?"  

Most of us have heard of it, many have experienced it, and some have gotten over it. What is "it"? Buyer's remorse. That natural and perfectly normal emotion of concern when we purchase something large and wonder...


"Did I make the right decision?”

“Should I have done more research?”

“What if I screwed up?”

“Could I have gotten a better deal?"


Every time we make a purchase, we feel a good, “I got it done” emotion, followed by…you guessed it, second-guesses about that purchase. 

Eventually, most of us get over it and move on with our lives. If you buy a new pair of shoes, that remorse may only last a moment until you get out of the store and into the next store. It can hit later when your best friend says you could have got a better deal if you had shopped at her favorite store, but eventually, you justify your decision and are ok with it.

The larger the purchase in terms of commitment and cost, the bigger and longer the wondering is. When you buy a car or a house, that regret will hit you harder and longer –often when you wake up the next morning. Heaven forbid - your friends and family start criticizing the purchase. Eventually, most people can rekindle the positive emotions they felt when they made the decision to buy originally. Hop back in the car or drive back to the property and you can get over the negative feelings pretty quick.

Buyer's remorse. As I said, normal and natural and we usually get over it.

Now on the flip side, what many fail to talk about - Seller's remorse. 

When you get rid of something, you WILL feel similar emotions. "Did I do the right thing? Did I get the best price? Is this the right decision?"

Whenever you let go of something that was once "owned" by you, the second guessing game will likely start. And you will feel a twinge of regret. 

And, the more emotionally attached you become to something, the higher the level of stress. Remember that these emotions of doubt are natural, and do not mean that you made a wrong decision. They just mean that what you have sold had value to you at one time. 

Buyer's remorse and Seller's regret. When dealing with real estate, you will probably experience them in your life, but you will also get over them if you realize they are just one step in the process.


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