Get Moving!

Written for The Health ‘n Hockey Community
By Chris Hodgins


Hi, my name is Chris Hodgins. I have been a Personal Trainer since 2006. I have worked with individuals seeking aesthetic changes, overall health/wellbeing, and athletic performance as well rehabilitation for specific injuries and/or medical conditions. My client base has grown significantly as I expanded my experience and knowledge.

I'm a firm believer that every person is unique and requires a customized approach to progress toward their goals. In achieving this, my style is adaptive to the individual’s needs. The program design continuously evolves as the client achieves certain milestones.

With exercise, there are immediate and life-long benefits that positively affect your physical and mental well-being. The vast majority of individuals will benefit by starting a regular fitness regimen that involves being active on a weekly basis. The key is to start moving- whether it be walking, running, weight training or doing the activity of your choice. The more exercise we do, the more benefits we will receive (assuming someone gets adequate recovery).

My goal with this blog is to shed some light on the benefits of movement and exercise. Some articles will be general in nature, while others will be more specific. Some of the articles may even challenge common thinking when it comes to exercise and physical fitness. I encourage you to keep an open mind and filter the material for what you deem useful and applicable to your current situation.

Ask yourself: "Have you ever thought of how often the human body should be moving?"

There are many generic guidelines advising us on exercise with relation to frequency and duration.  Usually, the recommendations are quite low (in my opinion). When we look at human beings and examine how much physical activity was done 1000+ years ago, the picture looks quite different. We were required to hunt, gather, clean, build, fight, reproduce, run etc. Consider for a moment:  how much physical work would be required to get drinking water back to your home (which you built yourself)? The process could take several hours (sometimes days) of walking and carrying heavy loads over long distances. Today, we turn the faucet on our sink and VOILA...we have drinking water! The reality is that in today's world, most of our work is already done for us. We drive instead of walk or run. We take elevators instead of climb. We purchase our food instead of hunting and gathering. Often, we buy take-out food so that we don't even have to prepare it. Most of the work (if not all) is already done for us!  It has never been more important than "NOW" for us to start exercising. In a world where we know more about human movement and the health benefits of exercise, we have never been further disconnected from our physical bodies.

My recommendation is to START NOW! Whether it be yoga, weight training, Pilates, running, cycling, golf, doesn't matter. You can have fun and get healthier at the same time. As long as you are moving, your body will begin to reward you with health benefits. You will start to notice you have more energy, mental clarity and better sleep. Your mood will improve as well as productivity at work & home. You will experience increased happiness while being less stressed and more at ease. Your body will start to feel the way it was meant to feel.

Stay tuned for future blog posts.
I'm excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you. Best of health!


Chris Hodgins

BSc. Human Kinetics/Minor in Human Nutrition


Agatsu Kettlebell & Movement


get moving

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