Hey kids your music is ... awesome!

How many times have you heard or read that today's music can’t compare to the music of the 60's, 70's, 80's, and now the 90's? That seems to be the mantra from one generation to the next. 

I certainly have fallen prey to that line of thinking from time to time. And, I believe it is true in terms of the majority of radio and news play. It seems the glut of music that gets played on many of the radio stations today can be lumped into the small narrow band of sameness. These are the media icons who need auto-tune to keep on key, and who's biggest claims come from making the most controversial performances and pushing out music where the lyrics are inane and mindless. Don't misunderstand me; many of these performance artists are either brilliant themselves or have a team of brilliant image experts.

In terms of music however, please do not call all of today's music junk and useless, based on what is on mainstream radio. There is a lot of music my kids have introduced me to that is terrific! For those who say there will never be bands like Styx, Rush, and Aerosmith - it just isn't true. Many say that we don't have artists like Billy Joel, and Bryan Adams, and John Mellencamp. Wrong!

There are still a lot of bands and single artists who can play instruments, keep tune so you can see them live, and rely on songs that have lyrics with actual meaning.

Go to iTunes and have a listen to Shinedown, Skillet, and Three Doors Down. Put your headphones on and hear Rob Thomas, P!nk, and Adam Lambert. Need good lyrics? Five for Fighting, Train and Lifehouse are good options. 

The list goes on and on of great contemporary music that is put out by great lyricists and musicians, goes on and on. For those who prefer Canadian content, check out Hedley, Default, State of Shock, and Finger Eleven.

WARNING: some of the lyrics are explicit.

And, for those who want an even bigger secret - music can close that generational gap with your kids!!

I can't help you if your kids are Gaga monsters or 'hooked on Bieber’. But, if you open your ears, you will be able to find great modern music and be able to turn your car into a moving karaoke room with you and your kids, even if you can't keep a tune yourself.


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