High school is finished! University is done! So why do I still need to do so much homework!

ChoicesMany of us can remember saying to our parents "I can hardly wait until I am done school 'cause then I'll never have to worry about homework again!"

While we are in school, we think homework will all be done once school is finished. Once you are out in the "Real World", the hard facts come to slap you square in the face.

Homework on the “road to success” never ends, whatever road that might be at the time.

We experience this false sense going through summer vacation and Christmas break as well. Once the final bell rings in June we let our carefree ways take hold. Yes, many of us had household chores that were the cause of many groans. Maybe you had a summer job at the local burger joint.

But the big decisions that will impact our lives require a lot more investigation. I was recently asked what new/first time home buyers should do to ensure good value.

My response was that they needed to do their research. Do their homework.

Most people want to be told ALL of the factsThe real fact is, you must do your own research when making these big decisions.

Ask yourself the questions then research and study the answers to ensure the best opportunity for success, just like in school.

  • How long am I going to be living here?
  • Will my family situation change in that time?
  • Where will my kids go to school?
  • What does the transportation look like? How about in 3 years?
  • Does the neighbourhood fit my lifestyle?

Then when it comes down to picking a specific home the research may involve bringing in specialists who you pay to help you.

  • Is the house priced right?

Having for a Real Estate Agent who will represent your interests as a buyer is critical in assisting you with pricing, negotiation, and ultimately protecting your interest.

  • Am I getting the best financial position?

A Mortgage Specialist can guide you to the most profitable situation to fit your short and long-term financial goals.

  • What kind of shape is the home in?

A Home Inspector who is thorough, yet pragmatic, can help you determine the difference between cosmetic flaws in a home and costly deficiencies.

  • Is this Condo Corporation a good business?

 If you are buying into a condominium, a qualified Condo Document Specialist will audit the paperwork and numbers of the Condo Corporation.

  • Can I ensure the house will be mine?

Your lawyer will review documents and ensure the transaction flows smoothly until your possession day.

Most of all for the new buyer, do your homework and get your team of trusted advisors on your side to help you make the best choices.

We have a list of professionals to help you along the way! Just ask! 


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