Home Search Trail - Bull or bullseye?

Whether buying your first home, relocating up or down, or renting, we all need somewhere to call home.

Eventually, you will likely hit the home search trail.

When the trail starts, you’ll most often be excited at the prospect of finding the perfect home.


  • Put together your list of wants (some of us keep it in our heads, but it is more effective if written down, trust me)
  • Figure out your finances. I know, I know, this is something most of us put off doing as is it usually scares us to know the realities. But this is critical. Talk to your financial advisers. If planning on a purchase, get pre-approved, PLEASE!
  • Determine the communities you want to live in. While doing this consider today and down the road. Where is the best place for your lifestyle when considering work, school, family, and all factors that affect your lifestyle?

Finally, hit the road running and look at potential places. And if you are typical that excited fervor probably starts to wane as you see homes over and over that are close but, not quite right.

  • The kitchen doesn’t have granite
  • The fridge is a little small
  • The master bath is somewhat dated and in need of paint
  • The garage is a little small
  • On and on it goes

You made your list and every property is almost but, not quite there and soon you become discouraged. Every property has one or two things that misses your wants list.

You wonder and have doubts in everything.
The market, the community, your agent. Especially your agent. Aren’t they listening?

Is there ever going to be a house right for us that becomes available?!?

The answer is simply yes and no.

No - in that finding the home that is “perfect” and meets every nuance of your check list is probably not going to happen.

But yes - you will most likely find a home that fits if….

  • You accept that compromise is a part of life and you may have to accept some things that are not “perfect”
  • You are willing to prioritize the things that are critical
  • Most importantly you're willing to accept things that are just ok but not deal breakers
  • You realize that some things can be changed down the road

We took some friends out to look at potential homes and one shared some wisdom with the other, after seeing several homes - some good, some bad and some ugly.

Upon leaving one home that checked off most but not all of the boxes, they looked at each other then told us,

“It’s not perfect, but we are probably not going to find perfect and it is unlikely we will find any better than this one.”

With that we discussed writing an offer.

It is nice to look for perfect but let’s face it, even our loved ones have flaws.
So do homes. Sometimes it is wiser to accept almost perfect and find a home, than to expect perfect and never find one.



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