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LocationFor anyone not familiar with personality profiles or not having an understanding of them, there are four types that seem to be universally accepted. These blend together and are only one facet of what we’re made of. But, they do provide some insight as to how we react and how we view the world around us.

There are a myriad of specialists and authors who differ in their label of these four types, trying to differentiate their view from others. But in a nut shell it is simple:


  1. Drivers – Those individuals who are goal-oriented, who look at the world through pragmatic eyes and are most interested in the bottom line, regardless of what others think.
  2. Inspirers – The “life of the party” people, who live life in the fullest, most oblivious manner. Those whose motto is to have fun and ensure others join in the party, even when they don’t want to.
  3. Stabilizers – Team players, who everyone seems to get along with because they are so laid back they do whatever the crowd wants and are there to pick up the messy pieces.
  4. Critical Thinkers – Those detail-oriented individuals who observe, create and fix. Someone has to ensure that the mess gets cleaned up and the rest of the people don’t overlook the little things.

I for one, am happy to have married one from last category. Without the detail people mistakes run rampant, the little things don’t get fixed and eventually mole hills do turn into mountains.

Recently, Century 21 ran a nationwide survey and just released the results.
For home buyers, the results are a great big “Duh!”
For home sellers, it may be eye-opening.

Nobody will argue “Location, Location, Location!” has always been a major factor. What plays into this of course is determined by many things, including community, commute, and long-term potential.

But what Canadians really want and don’t want may surprise you.

Topping the list of wants is the layout of the home. It surpasses location and size as the major want. At 39% it outdistances location and far outweighs size as the major want. However, what the survey also points out is that younger buyers and more experienced buyers do differ on what they perceive as a “good” or desirable layout. It all depends on where in the life cycle the buyer is at. For more on that refer to our blog of “Life comes full circle”.

But what potential sellers often miss, are the turnoffs to buyers.

Overwhelmingly, buyers are turned off by uncleanliness. As well, things like even a small amount of water damage and the potential for having to invest time and money into repairs are major deterrents to the home buyer.

What does this all mean? In my opening paragraphs, I lauded my “significant other” for her personality style and that attention to detail. As much as it sometimes can seem incidental, the fact that she is able to “see” the hidden dust bunnies the rest of us step over, that she notices minor issues before they smack the rest of us in the face as disasters, and that she is determined to ensure things like the air filter in the furnace is changed monthly and not bi-annually, serves us well.

For those of you who are looking at one day selling your home, remember cleanliness and home maintenance are critical to maximize your long-term investment.

The layout of your home is what it is. Some want “open concept” while others prefer room separation. Location is also a simple fact. You can’t just pick up your home to another neighborhood. Besides, even though these are out of our control as a home owner, there is always a market for your home.

But, while Canadians will overlook many things, a clean and well-maintained home will do the most to attract the specific buyers for your home layout and location. These are things you can control and the areas where you can maximize your return.

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